The Economical Way for Water Clarification – Dissolved Air Flotation

Waste water management is a crucial and important concern for all countries. Dissolved air flotation is one cost-effective technique to treat waste water. When you fill a glass with running water you might have noticed the bubbles on the surface of the water. Dissolved air flotation uses the same principle of using high pressure to dissolve air in water and remove any suspending solid particles in the water. This process was first designed to be used in coal mining process to remove the suspended solids from the water. It is a very effective technique and hence was used in other fields as well.

In the this method air bubbles are introduced in the flotation tank with high pressure. These air bubbles attach to the impurities present in the water and come to the surface of the water. These impurities are then removed from the water by using skimming technique. The important consideration while injecting the air bubbles is that microscopic bubbles are more useful than the larger bubbles since small bubbles have larger surface area as compared to the volume and the air flow needed for small bubble is also less as compared to that needed for the large bubbles. The process is capable of removing not only the solid suspensions from the water but also the oil and grease found in the waste water. sodium diisobutyl dithiophosphate

The process of dissolved air flotation is used in industrial waste water treatment. It is also effective for drinking water treatment where water is affected with algae and other impurities. The dissolved air flotation tanks are simple and easy to use devices which are utilized in industrial plants. In the recent years use of dissolved air flotation technique has increased manifold in the industries all over the world. The main reason behind it is the ease, effectiveness and cost of the method. It is gaining popularity over the conventional methods of water treatment as it is faster and effective.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to treat waste water dissolved air flotation technique should be used. However before you purchase the system there are certain consideration to be made. If you are looking for a waste water clarification system with minimal requirement of operator, time and expense and an easy to maintain system, dissolved air flotation technique is the answer. The waste water has to be pre-treated with chemicals before entering the flotation tank which affects the operation cost of the system. The advantages of using this technique over the conventional treating methods are that the initial cost of setting up a water clarification system is reduced by 30-40%. The chemical treatment cost is also higher in conventional method whereas in dissolved air flotation method the pre-treatment of water requires fewer chemicals. The process could be used to clarify 3-12 gallons of water in just a minute which is significantly higher than the conventional treatment plants. It is ideal to be used at places where the area is less which means it could be easily installed inside the industry. This method is an economical technique to clarify water.


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