Is Your CPAP Mask Chafing Your Face?

CPAP machines take control of your sleep apnea problems. For the most part they help, but you are going to have to work it out to customize it for you. It’s different for everyone so you may experience some problems. The issue that most people have with using a CPAP Machines┬ámachine is the mask. Masks a lot of times can chafe your face and make your sleep session uncomfortable. This kind of defeats the entire purpose of the machine if you still are having trouble sleeping.

A lot of CPAP users don’t realize that there are many different types and styles of CPAP masks to go along with the machine. They can be upgraded and changed out for different styles. The shapes of peoples’ faces are all different with the width, length, depth and amount of fat surrounding the cheek area. Your doctor can fit a mask for you that will cup your face perfectly as to not leak any air. Leaking air can cause dry nose mouth and throat.

There are also masks that are designed to just go over your mouth or just over your nose. This is for less severe cases of sleep apnea but can still make sure that you are breathing properly and a little more naturally.

Whether you have a full mask or a partial mask there are different facial cushions you can buy. You can choose from forehead cushions, cheek cushions, chin cushions and nasal cushions. This will help to stop chafing and also help to keep the airway open. It will improve comfort and help you rest better.

CPAP users don’t realize that they are also able to change out the head straps. There are different straps available that can help to adjust the mask to a place where it is secure without being too tight and help to reduce chafing and improve comfort. There are single straps, and support straps that go around your head in more than one place, cupping your skull gently.

If you are interested in adding a chin strap, they are available too. The chin strap holds everything in place to minimize or eliminate movement of the mask and other straps so it is if the mask is a part of your face. You can roll around as you sleep without your mask slipping off.

To find the right mask for you, you really should try some on with your doctor. They will know which ones to fit you with so you can proceed buying there, or online.


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