Fitnesswear, Athletic Shirts – Synonyms For Compression Clothing

Compression clothing fitnesswear gets its name because of the way it fits the body. In the dictionary, to compress means to squeeze or to press upon.  Compression clothing does just that and it has been around for some time.  It was originally used for patients with conditions such as Thrombosis or with poor blood circulation. Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot inside of a blood vessel, which obstructs the flow of blood through the circulatory system. The clothing was used to reduce pain, increase blood flow and better circulation. Soon scientists found other ways to use these new body squeezing garments.

Tests done for deep sea diving found compression wear to be extremely helpful in reducing blood pressure complications most divers are faced with.  Changes in your environment, elevation, air pressure, etc. all have bearings on your blood pressure.  When you dive deep into the ocean there is a tremendous amount of water weight pressure that can literally crush you to death depending upon how deep you go.  Obviously, we still don’t have any suit, save for a submarine, which will allow our bodies to withstand such pressure.  Compression clothing does, however, maximize diver’s abilities to perform tasks at deeper levels more comfortably than they otherwise could within the limits of water pressure constraints.  The clothing also helps insulate the body thereby retaining precious heat that would otherwise be lost in the deep frigid waters.  Some who were curious enough to see outside of this new use of compression clothing were also visionary enough to ask “if it can be used for this purpose what else could it be used for?” Womens compression pants

Experiments were done with the clothing in the athletic arena.  Athletes showed they were able to maintain their power output during their effort in a given sport.  Their ability to resist fatigue was the key factor attributed to the use of the compression clothing.  Today compression clothing manufacturers tout their products ability to wick sweat, fight UV rays, kill microbes and so much more.  Compression clothing, especially athletic shirts, is a very big business in a much defined yet competitive niche.  Compression clothing is generally more expensive than other types of gear because of its highly specialized nature.  Companies today have to make certain that what they are offering is top notch, and most of the time they should over deliver on what they claim.

Most people involved in any type of sport usually try to be the best.  Everyone, of course, wants to find that secret edge that will either give them an advantage over their competitor or that will help unleash some deep down, latent power that has yet to be tapped.  To get at this secret power some use illegal performance enhancing drugs, expensive yet useless over the counter supplements that have not been verified by any credible authority and some just pray.  The benefits of compression clothing are tried and true and if nothing more they definitely are visible alternatives to some of these more questionable methods to increasing your athletic potential.  They have a longer shelf life, an enhancing effect you can really feel and they just plain look good.  If you’re involved in any type of sport, man or a woman, you care about how you look and feel then check out some compression clothing men’s activewear and women’s sportswear. See for yourself how these modern marvels of technology and practicality can help you reach your pique.


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