Do You Need a Weight Machine?

Being a gym junkie for more than 12 years and a personal trainer, I seen so many people failed in their attempts to make any solid changes to their bodies in the gyms. One of the reasons is that they placed too much emphasis in those big and expensive exercise machines found in the commercial fitness clubs. Many gym-goers probably felt that since they are paying high prices for the gym memberships, they should be using those sophisticated contraptions.

To be honest, the exercise machine is complete waste of time if you aim to lose some weights or even get any sort of toning. Personally,  I have not seen anyone or know anyone that got into great shape using solely the weights machine. Here’s the 2 big reasons why you should give the weight machines a boot. multihead weigher

Weights Machine demands Less Energy Consumption than Using Free Weights

Weight machines does not recruit as much muscle as you do for using the free weights. Also, most weight machines are designed in a way that the user are either sitting or lying down while working out. Because of the positions, it is less metabolic demanding on the body compared to standing free weight exercises such as squats or lunges. As such for the same given amount of time, you trained less muscles resulting in less fat burning effect and lean muscle development.

Exercise Machine May cause Injuries

It’s been built as one-size fits all solution. Even though those weights machine can be adjusted to cater user of different sizes, it still does not train user in his/her natural range of movement due to the fact that everyone is unique in their body structures. And most machines train users to isolate muscles in their training that can result in muscle imbalances due to overworking one muscle groups over the others. Furthermore, it’s not functional and does not improve ability to carry out daily task such as carrying groceries up and down the stairs, bending over to pick up your baby or running after your kids. In order to train the body in a functional way, you have to do exercises that mimic the movements that you used in your daily life.


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