Computer Forensics – Recover Deleted Emails For Infidelity Investigations

One of the worst things you can experience in life is being cheated on in a relationship. It’s a betrayal of trust, love, commitment and family. Computer forensics can uncover adultery. By examining a computer hard drive you can view deleted pics, emails, documents and even chats.

A computer forensics examination of the family computer can reveal a wealth of information regarding exactly what is going on in your relationship. People that cheat spend a lot of time and effort on cheating. They think about their lover. They write to them, exchange emails, pics. They research places to meet and go out. All of this data winds up on a hard drive.

Even an especially sneaky computer forensics examiner spouse can attempt to cover their tracks but with today’s technology it’s next to impossible to cover all your tracks. They may rely on cell phone communications to hide their infidelity but handheld digital forensics can recover deleted , pics , text messages and caller ID information. Even if they are using secret email accounts, hard drive scrubbers and proxy servers it’s still possible for a trained investigator to uncover evidence of infidelity with a forensic hard drive examination.

It’s also possible to locate secret email accounts, personal ads and secret Myspace pages with an Online infidelity examination. You don’t even need the actual computer or hard drive. The investigator searched the deep web, hidden sections of the Internet to locate secret personal ad memberships and traces of infidelity associated with your spouses email address or name.

If you decide to hire an investigator to look into your spouses Internet life be sure to find one that is experienced in computer forensics and Internet infidelity investigations. You want to have a full investigation into every area of infidelity and while some computer experts are great at hard drive forensics they may not know about Internet investigations and vice versa. Before you hire an investigator do your research and see if the investigator is considered an expert in online infidelity investigations as well as computer or hand held digital forensics.

Very often the right kind of all encompassing investigation into a computer hard drive, cell phone data and Internet infidelity will uncover evidence not only of infidelity but also porn addiction. This kind of evidence can be used in court if the


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