Clean the CPAP Parts – Ensure Smooth Operations

Like it or not, your CPAP machine and its accessories are important investments in your continued health. You simply must take good care of said machine especially when you consider that the costs can run into the hundreds of dollars on the purchase cost alone. Think of the costs of maintenance on the CPAP parts. And just like all manmade things, CPAP parts will break down at one point or another, no thanks to natural wear and tear. Of course, there is also the fact that you may not have been taking good care of the CPAP components, which hastened their demise, so to speak. CPAP Cleaning

You should not even rely on the 2-year warranty offered by most manufacturers. Keep min mind that there are limitations to the warranty, which will often be void in case of your misuse, abuse and negligence of your responsibilities as owner. With that being the case, you should exert all necessary effort, pour in the necessary time and maybe spend a little money on cleaning supplies to ensure that you can extend the life of your machine. You will appreciate the savings later on.

It must be emphasized that the CPAP parts must be treated as individual units. For example, you have to exercise a different cleaning method for the CPAP unit’s outer casing and another technique for the parts like the humidifier and the mask. And speaking of outer casing, you must wipe it using a clean, moist cloth soaked in a mild soap detergent-water solution. Then, you have to wipe with a dry cloth to remove more dirt. Never ever submerge your CPAP machine in water lest you find yourself facing a short circuit.

Now, let’s move on into the other CPAP parts. The filters must be replaced when these become obviously torn or even just dirty. The frequency with which this is necessary will depend on the environment such that people who have pets in the house will need to change filters more often. This is also true of households living near roads, no thanks to dust, and where smokers live. (If you are the smoker, we strongly suggest dropping the habit for the sake of your health, not your CPAP machine)

Next is the mask, which should be cleaned on a daily and weekly basis, with different methods, of course. Daily cleaning involves using mild soap detergent on the soft cushion, making sure that you handle the mask gently to avoid tearing it. On a weekly basis, you should clean the mask frame and headgear with the same mild soap detergent. Just make sure that you will air dry these CPAP parts before plugging into the machine.

You should also replace the tubing once these become visibly dirty or torn. However, it must be replaced annually even if there are no signs of wear and tear. Again, clean it once a week. Indeed, when it comes to CPAP parts, proper care is the key for their longer lives. In the process, you are also extending the life of your pockets, thanks to savings.



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