UK Accounting Reference Dates For Private Limited Companies

When a private limited company is incorporated companies house advise the company of the accounting reference date and a set of financial accounts are required to be made up and submitted from the day of incorporation to this accounting reference date. The accounting reference date is set by companies house as the last day of the month 12 months after the date of incorporation.

For example a company registered on 7 January would have an accounting reference date of 31 January the following year. Financial accounts are required for the period from 7 January one year to the 31 January the following year.

The financial accounting period for a limited company which has been trading in previous years starts on the day after the accounting reference date and continues until the next accounting reference date. In the example above the final accounts including profit and loss account, balance sheet and notes to the accounts including audit report where required would be prepared from 1 February until 31 January.

The accounting reference date can be changed by a limited company by sending to companies house form 225. There is a time limit on when the form can be submitted which in any financial year is the day before the accounts are due for delivery to companies house.

There are a number of reasons why the directors of a limited company might wish to change its financial year end although in the vast majority of cases the Company formation information financial year is not changed.

Common reasons for changing the financial year end date would be to bring the year end date into line with other business interests such as an associated company. Seasonal and trading factors may make one month end more appropriate or the company might wish more time to prepare a particular set of final accounts although it can be a problem if the date is changed more than once in a 5 year period.

A significant reason for changing the financial year end of a limited company would be to bring the company financial accounting period into line with the tax year as tax rules change from year to year and accounting and tax alignment simplifies the tax calculation as only one years tax rules would apply instead of two tax years rules when the tax year end is straddled.

For limited companies in the UK the practise in recent years has been for tax rules and capital tax allowances changes to be announced in the budget each year which is the third week of March and the tax rules to be applied from the 1 April the following year. An accounting year in line with the tax year end would then be 1 April to 31 March each year.

A new private company filing its first set of annual accounts must do so within 22 months of incorporation. In subsequent years the financial accounts need to be submitted to companies house within 10 months of the company accounting reference date. Companies house normally send a reminder of when the accounts need to be filed 6 to 8 weeks prior to the deadline date.



Easy Methods to Not Irritate Your Own Music Fans With Your Online Music Promotion Efforts

You need to admit: when you do online Music Promotion, you are basically by using an marketing campaign rage. It really is part and package of getting your music out there, to get noticed, gain admirer bottom, and create a dent within the music entire world.

However artists, as they search to locate innovative methods tips on how to provide tracks, could make great mistakes that might annoy followers and eventually, reduce their prefer completely. We all avoid need that.

TECH HOUSE, From the tender are usually methods never to annoy your followers and say goodbye to these forever. Get the best of your on-line Music Promotion attempts, find ways and means tips on how to provide tracks, to remain your followers involved.

1 . Use social networking sparingly.

Fb, Bebo, MySpace, Google+, Instagram – these are almost all additional resources to boost exposure for the music, engage in on-line Music Promotion However, you can not depend on it to complete all of the checking for you. It is always far better to have got your personal website, a domain that is solely dedicated to everything with your brand name. You might have manage, the actual expert of this world, therefore make the most of it.

2 . Say no to junk mail.

The actual mere typing with ‘Buy our album’ on your own Fb wall publish has already been a training with spamming the folks on your own friends checklist. Doing this could prove to be a Music Promotion catastrophe. Whenever you attract people to provide you with their some interest, offer something back with regard to goodwill. It can be a free MP3 monitor or products.

three. Keep track of website.

Nothing claims ‘My career is actually over’ than the usual music artist or band’s website with no indications of lifestyle. There’s a definite objective to the development a musician’s recognized website. When there is certainly exercise, if you’re continue to going after your careers. When there is certainly not really, precisely what, you will provided up/broke up or something? It ought to be the actual go-to site with regard to everything that your music supporter requirements. However , if almost all it has are usually Jurassic info in the 12 months 2150, might as well close it lower. Always keep your site up to date, through gigs, appearances, photos, and/or musings of the day. Given that like a lot of do the job, but which is point with on-line Music Promotion.

4. Possess a subscriber list.

Just because you might have an official website, are usually signed up for the most popular online communities on the web, and also have joined having a reliable electronic music circulation service, you’ve still got to keep up a subscriber list. Not all people are signed up to a social media site – but almost all have got email messages, even nombreux of these! Giving email messages in order to followers is still one of the most private method to talk with these.

5. End up being fine.

Your own followers can either make or break your job. These people really like you will, love them as well as more.

Best Airtight Coffee Containers Reviews

If you are at all interested in enjoying coffee that is great, freshness is of complete value. And until you are instantly purchasing and grinding freshly roasted beans, you must place the coffee beans of yours in the best coffee container you can, to correctly preserve that freshness.

Best Airtight Coffee Containers Review
Look at these top five choices for coffee storage. There’s one made specifically for you.
Mixpresso AirTight Coffee Vault
This stainless steel storage canister comes in a dazzling design, 2 colors, along with a two-valve phone system to release CO2.
Coffee Minneapolis – It’s holds, compact, and light over a pound of coffee. For a stainless steel product, this unit is inexpensive.

BlinkOne Coffee Canister
It makes this canister of additional strong stainless steel that seems heavier compared to less advanced versions. It possesses a brilliant magnetized scoop that attaches easily to the canister.
What this means is a shorter time wasted searching for the scoop and much more time spent enjoying the coffee of yours.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container
This storage canister is a favorite amongst coffee lovers since it’s lightweight, features a great cool layout, comes in 6 different colors.
Plus, it incorporates the fundamentals of coffee preservation and usage: spoon, valve, air tight seal, and also the stainless steel produce that prevents coffee in complete darkness inside, protected from any UV ray penetration.

Tightvac Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container
A very portable container, this device can be utilized for dried up foods, soups, and every other meal that has been found and maintained at the classic temperature of its.
It features a slick look with air tight vacuum sealing.

Friis Stainless Steel sixteen Ounce Coffee Vault
The Friis Stainless Steel sixteen Ounce Coffee Vault can be purchased in styles that are a few, red, including black, and stainless steel. You’ll, therefore, quickly pick one probably that best suits the needs of yours. It’s created to keep the taste of the coffee of your organically without having using chemicals.
It includes freshness valves which assist vent out carbon dioxide (IV) oxide gas. The Friis sixteen Ounce Coffee Vault additionally has an air tight storage to ensure that released carbon dioxide (IV) oxide, casual, and also air doesn’t enter the coffee. Plus, it’s a capacity of sixteen ounces, meaning you’ll in a position to store that much coffee as you would like. This particular device is sold with directions, a one-year supply of Friis valves, along with a booklet.

Best Airtight Coffee Containers Reviews
1. So why do I’ve to purchase a canister, a manufacturer’s bag does not store coffee?
The most effective coffee bean manufacturers sell the beans of theirs with excellent packaging, which could preserve the coffee flavor and freshness to the shelf life of its. It’s an alternative story when you opened the packaging. If you do, the oxygen may can enter the bag and destroy the quality of the beans.
We do not wish this to occur, particularly if purchasing a great number of coffee beans for a week’s usage. It’s not a sufficient amount of we attempt to reseal it with any clip or a cable because oxygen can oxidize and influence the taste of the coffee, not mentioning the CO2. It’s exactly why you want an airtight container to vent out the CO2 and maintain the O2 out.
2. Just how long can these Canisters help me protect coffee?
There’s no certain answer to this question. It varies from one producer to the next. Several makers say the canister can maintain the coffee for as much as one year or perhaps under. It’s still not encouraged to always keep the beans for months because that can impact their taste and freshness.
Even though the canister is a good way to keep the beans, we’re uncertain for certain for just how long it can maintain the beans flavorful. The freshness of the coffee beans will additionally need to rely on a few factors, as the day and beans of roasting. Keeping the beans in a container is also the much better path to go than allowing the beans to remain in a nylon bag.
3. Can the plastic lunchtime boxes of mine be useful for coffee?
We do not see any trouble with it if you are just storing the beans for a few days. It’s not advised in case you store the beans for over that period. Rather, you need to use an airtight canister to make sure they remain fresh for an extended period.
4. Conclusion
Coffee will keep us not only alert but additionally inspired and motivated. A glass of it in the early morning reminds us of a brand-new day in front of us. Admittedly, we can’t start the day of ours without it. What about you? Coffee brings us inspiration. It will make us feel improved when we are in a terrible mood. Having a cup, we can split the ice. For several of us, we can concentrate better and consider the future action plan of ours while sipping the coffee of ours.

Boost your Career by Becoming a Part of Best MCA College

If a student did not get the expected flying colours in his engineering exam, his dream of becoming a computer engineer is not yet shattered. One ray of hope is still left. MCA or Masters of Computer Application is a course designed to make you a computer technician. In this course you study computer languages, programming of various computer languages, mathematics, data structure, various applications of windows and other operating systems, computer organisation and architecture, advanced software, engineering, designing of programs and software and their algorithms, advance computer graphics, internet programming, web designing, e – commerce etc.

MCA programs in India

Computer industry is an ever evolving industry. We are living in completely digital world, with technology becoming part and parcel of our daily lives. So demands of computer technicians have been created in all most all the industries. It is no more limited to IT sector.

Best MCA Colleges In Dehradun Looking at this, many universities in India are offering the course of computer application. Some of the best MCA colleges in South India are from both private sector and government organisations.

MCA programs in South India

In past few decades, importance of education has immensely increased in South India. Cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vishakhapatnam, Cochin, Mangalore etc. has emerged as educational hubs of south India.

With development of industrial sector and establishment of large IT parks in the cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, lot of jobs have been created for computer technicians. Best MCA college in India provides a valuable degree with vast knowledge of computer application. They give you ample practical experiences to apply the concepts learned in theory. Holistic approach of these colleges provides a positive environment for the students and encourages them to create new software.

Distance Learning

Practical knowledge of computers is much more important and valuable than theoretical knowledge. By working in a company while pursuing the course is beneficial for the students. But a full time MCA course does not leave much time with the students. Correspondence course or distance education can be a good option for such students. Many open Universities conduct correspondence MCA course. Duration of these courses can be longer than the regular course but it is worth the effort.


Students who are graduates in BCA or any other equivalent degree are eligible for admission in MCA. Many colleges conduct their private exams while there are many state or national level entrance exams for many Universities.

Job Opportunity

Call centres, BPO’s, E Banking, E commerce, super markets, shopping malls etc. needs computer technicians to smoothly run their daily chores of activities. With mobile technology becoming highly advanced, creating new software and application for making life of the consumers comfortable has become demand of the time.

The Iowa Casinos

For those who have not spent much time in the great heartland state of Iowa, you may not know just how progressive this seemingly little state is that sits in the center of our country. Iowa was the first state in the nation to legalize riverboat casinos in 1989. Soon after that numerous riverboat casinos popped up along the Iowa banks of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Riverboat gambling was revived and thriving in Iowa.

It was around that time that Native American tribe casinos also opened in Iowa. Iowa further progressed by allowing land-based casinos in the mid-2000s. Since then the riverboats have begun to dwindle as the new modern and expansive land-based casinos are being built. These land-based casinos are quite nice and provide a Vegas-like feel of a casino without the gaudy lights. The riverboats do have a certain charm to them and are definitely worth a trip. บาคาร่าออนไลน์

Iowa has twenty casinos spread throughout the state. Many still line up and down the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and others located in the central part of the state. From casinos in Council Bluffs along the Missouri River, to the Des Moines area, and casinos along the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities and Dubuque, there are certainly casinos along any stretch of Iowa. Not all, but the most of the casinos along the rivers are riverboats. There are still six riverboat casinos in Iowa. That number will begin to dwindle as these casinos build new ones to replace the expensive upkeep of a riverboat.

Sioux City, Iowa will probably be the next area to build a new land-based casino and retire their riverboat. If you look at a map of Iowa, these casinos are spread out to cover the entire state without having to go too far without running into one. Most casinos offer much more than just gambling. Fine dining and hotels adjoin most casinos or is located nearby. Some provide live concert venues and most land-based casinos offer a resort style setup with golf and spas.

Some offer live racing as well. Bluffs Run Greyhound Park is located at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs and the Mystique Casino Racetrack also offers greyhound racing. Prairie Meadows Casino in Altoona, just outside Des Moines, offers thoroughbred racing. I know that if you have never visited the Iowa casinos it may be hard to believe that they can offer so much. They can and do. They are much more than a stop along the way, they have become a destination. Check them out and give them a visit sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

Getting Wallpapers And Logos For Your Mobile Phones

The concept of mobile phone wallpaper is the same as that of a PC.
They are backgrounds, usually graphical, that appear on the phone when the handset is switched on. On some phones, wallpapers can double as screensavers that appear after some inactivity on the phone.
Wallpapers are fun to implement as it is one of the features of a mobile phone that you can customize to suit your preference. Many people use pictures taken with the phone’s own camera, downloaded images or graphics sent via SMS to them.

Wallpapers were created as an extra incentive for buyers to patronize phones in the face of competition in the industry. It is one of the areas of converging technology where computer application are gradually being merged into mobile phone applications. Phone manufacturers added wallpapers to their phone features to serve as incentive for buyers who would like to see their phones featuring their favorite PC wallpapers. These innovations have the aim of producing innovative features to their buyers so that the mobile phone use becomes more fun and interactive.

No matter the brand of your phone, be it Nokia, Motorola, Siemens Panasonic, Alcatel, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Sharp or Toshiba ther are many kinds of wallpapers to suit any kind of handset.

Your phone may come with a preset wallpaper or non at all. Setting up or changing the wallpaper is no hassle at all and the menu interface is there to guide you through the process. If your phone does not have interesting wallpapers, you can download some from the web if your phone supports it. It is however of importance to note that wallpapers would normally work with color screens.

Like ringtone, you can download wallpapers from the web using either a cable transfer, WAP server or SMS service.

If you are zealous about wallpapers you may have to consider screen resolution and sizes. Before downloading the wallpaper ensure that your screen resolution can support the wallpaper graphics. High resolution graphics especially pictures can occupy a large amount of space and therefore requires increase in memory if you would want to obtain them. Aside that, the screen size may not be compatible with the graphic you are downloading.

Now let’s search the web for some free wallpapers. features colorful wallpapers which several phone sets can support. Each page displays about 15 pictures and together there are about 15 genres to select from.

Wallpapers add vitality to mobile phones especially with handsets that can use them as screen savers. Remember they can be customized from your stored digital pictures if you want to be constantly reminded of a favorite scene anytime you make a call.

Some Facts About the Wood That Comprises Timber Windows

If you have a period or historic UK home, there’s no doubt that its windows are made from wood. And if you’re considering replacement windows, chances are that you may have considered less expensive alternatives like PVC windows (PVC is a type of plastic). Here’s some information about why wooden windows are the superior choice.

Wood Types Available for Timber Replacement Windows

To make an informed decision about wood windows for your home, you should know that there are 2 types of lumber available: softwood and hardwood. Softwood trees generally are the types that produce cones, i.e., they are “coniferous.” These trees have needle-like leaves that do not fall off seasonally and are sometimes referred to as “evergreens.” Examples of softwoods are spruce, cedar and pine. Manufacturers use softwood extensively because it’s both affordable and available. Softwoods are found in a wide geographical area that includes North America, Scandinavia, Russia and Siberia. The botanical category in which softwoods belong is the “gymnosperms.” In contrast, the hardwoods or “angiosperms” are deciduous, meaning that they shed their leaves in the fall. Their leaves are soft and flat and this type of tree is found both in temperate climates like North America and Europe and in tropical and semi-tropical regions like South America, Africa and India. Examples of hardwoods are oak, maple, birch and mahogany.

Other Positive Attributes of Wooden Windows

As a building material, wood has one of the lowest “embedded energy” values. This means that the energy required for both; manufacturing a product and supplying it to the end consumer or point of use is much lower than other materials like PVC or aluminum. This is also known as “virtual energy” or “hidden energy” and when combined with other positive attributes of wood like insulating properties and low thermal conductivity, it makes wood the material of choice for sash windows, casement windows, bow windows and bay windows.

More Facts about the Wood Used in UK Timber Windows

For those with environmental concerns about installing timber windows and doors, the fact is that the UK imports 85% of its wood from countries who have government regulated forest management programs. This means that these trading partners are managing their forests as renewable resources. Russia, for example, has forests that are expanding by about 700 million cubic meters every year, while only about 500 million cubic meters are cut, giving a net gain of about 200 million cubic meters annually. Forestry and related industries employ about 45,000 persons in the UK and Britain’s forests supply about 20% of the wood that’s required for domestic use. Canada, a major UK trading partner, plants 2 trees for every 1 that it harvests.

So, it’s easy to see that there’s no reason to hesitate about installing timber windows in your UK home, since the vast majority of wood comes from areas where forest management policies are established and enforced. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Morris Streak has been installing timber and sash windows for the last 20 years. He is focused exclusively on the sash windows and timber window market. Since that time, he has shown hundreds of homehowners how to properly install sash and timber windows in their homes. By eliminating salesmen and installers, the owner of a typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath home can save thousands of dollars in costs, while at the same time ensuring that each window is done correctly.

What You Need to Know About Online Casino Payouts

Most people will never be able to visit an actual casino, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the experience. You can now go online and visit online casinos that allow the majority of the same things you could get from going to an actual casino. Online casinos are used more often by young adults and the elderly than by middle aged people. UFABET

The reason that young adults and the elderly are the primary customers to online casinos is simple, the young adults don’t have money for travel and the elderly can’t travel very well. So in order for them to be able to gamble and have a good time they play online.

For many young adults travel is a luxury they don’t have due to school or just getting started in the work place and trying to establish a career and a life, so by being able to play online they can get the fun of a land based casino without having to travel.

On the same flip of the coin, elderly adults can find it hard to get around their homes sometimes let alone endure long distance travel and having to walk around a big casino. The third type of adults, the middle aged adults, do not play on online casinos very much because of their already busy schedules. Many middle aged adults have the stress of managing a job and supporting a family to attend to and so do not have much extra money that they can afford to use to gamble online or in a casino. that’s why the majority of this group that plays are women. Women who play in online casinos are usually stay at home wives, or mothers who need something to do occasionally to pass the time. For them going to a casino would take more time then they have between activities so playing online is easier and more convenient and what overall fits their needs best.

The reason online casinos benefit all these types of adults is because it fits into all their schedules and needs without really hurting their wallets or cramping their agendas. Online casinos really benefits anyone who has a credit card because it’s easy to set up an account and you can play between classes, after meetings, on your lunch break and so on without losing a lot of time that you lose by having to go to a land based casino.

Online casinos are better than land based casinos in just about every way you can think of. They are fun, easy to use and understand, the way it works is simple and easy to figure out and follow and it is easy to find the time to play when travel is not involved. So I do not think that there is anyone who would not recommend a online casino to a friend, because if you love to gamble and have fun, but just don’t have the extra time to actually go to a casino it is an easy way to get the experience.

Texas Hold Em Tricks – 3 Tricks To Get Ahead In A Tournament Fast

Would you be able to envision getting an extraordinary head start in a competition? How simple would it be to win? Well these Texas Hold Em stunts will assist you with doing that.


Playing Texas Hold Em competitions can be troublesome or simple. Actually it’s up to you. Or on the other hand should I say, it’s up to knowing the key to getting the high ground in competitions. These Texas Hold Em stunts will assist you with doing this in one manner, which is excelling early.


Whenever you have stretched out beyond the game, that is, a greater stack than the normal player it is anything but difficult to remain ahead. You have a lot more choices when you have a greater stack than most.


Texas Hold Em Stunts To Excel In A Competition Quick #1


First of all; quickly take any blinds you can. Toward the beginning of the competition very few players are contemplating the mid-game competition play. Sooner or later every warms up to taking blinds and risk’s and playing style. In any case, straight away in the competition nobody is truly thinking anything.


On the off chance that you lead out with a huge raise toward the beginning of a competition, more than some other time, everybody will simply crease to you. Nobody needs to battle right off the bat and danger having a little stack


Texas Hold Em 온라인홀덤 Stunts To Excel In A Competition Quick #2


Play simply somewhat looser than your table. In competitions, you can either have a tight table, a free table, or a blend. In an exceptionally close table you will see rapidly if there is a very free player – and normally he moves overwhelmed to smitherines. In like manner, on a free table the tight player will be standing out in contrast to everything else, not actually busy.


The stunt is, in the event that you are at a more tight table, play simply somewhat free. You will play more pots and will win more in general. Try not to get super-free, that is self destruction. However, playing more pots and taking more chips will advance you beyond without any problem.


Texas Hold Em Stunts To Excel In A Competition Quick #3


Bend over as quickly as possible. This can at times be hazardous on the off chance that you don’t hang tight for the opportune time. A few players will chance a holding nothing back on a coin-flip and pray fervently. I don’t care for doing this since you can be out of the competition and it’s not in your control.


Rather I like to trap and bait rivals to battle me when I think I have the best hand or I have by one way or another hit a nut straight or draw. It takes somewhat more however on the off chance that you can bend over securely like this you can essentially take a load off for a decent 20-30 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity.


Presently, you have likely encountered the sensation of being ahead in a competition and expertise great it feels. Utilize these tips to assist you with getting that feeling all the more frequently. You’ll know at the fact that it is so natural to get to the cash when you get an early lead on everybody.


Yet, these are the most important thing in the world of competition tips and deceives. There are significantly more. On the off chance that you need to turn into a reliably fruitful competition victor and continually bring home the cash or first prize, I recommend you keep on going out and figure out how to play poker better. Since the players do that who end up the genuine champs.




The Future of Mobile Gambling Apps

To state that versatile gaming won’t influence the internet betting industry throughout the following five years would be a huge misrepresentation of reality.


Albeit the vast majority most likely consider playing genuine cash betting games on a cell phone, truly it’s actually where both betting administrators and the market when all is said in done is moving to. dpboss


The solitary motivation behind why versatile betting wasn’t famous a couple of years back was on the grounds that the innovation didn’t exist.


Notwithstanding, since Apple have brought Smart telephones, for example, the iPhone and cut the essence of the business market with it, having an advanced cell with huge touch screens equipped for video gaming is the standard thing.


Indeed, Sony and Nintendo are as of now stressed at the development and mechanical improvement of cell phones, since they are as of now verging on supplanting portable gaming stages, for example, the PSP and future NGP (Sony’s Next Generator Platform) out and out.


As far as where I see portable betting going, you just need to take a gander at the current market and online club administrators to see that it is now taking off. Both 32Red and All Slots Casino have created iPhone Casino Apps for players.


Despite the fact that there are not really some other iPhone Casino Apps accessible, it is just a short time. Betfair and Ladbrokes are clearly previously arranging two more iPhone Gambling Apps to go close by their Sports Betting Apps. With 40% expansion in portable turnover in 2009, Betfair’s iPhone App will presumably prompt in excess of a 70% increment in versatile wagering turnover in 2011.


Curiously, one of the issues of building up a portable application is that the speculation engaged with creating explicit made telephones and programming is a major danger given that the item may be less famous in a year’s time. For instance, the Google Android working framework has just supplanted the iPhone’s matchless quality since it currently has a 25% portion of the market. The principle preferred position of Android programming is that it very well may be utilized across various cell phone fabricates, for example, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. In this manner, we will definitely observe a bigger number of individuals depending on the Adroid programming than iPhone once the inactivity breaks in and all enough Android applications are create to contend with the Apple App store.


In general, I feel that versatile gambling clubs and sports wagering will get gigantic (especially the previous), especially with the fame of tablets, anyway I don’t imagine that portable poker will ever departure. The screens are just too little to even think about playing a particularly intricate game where there are an excessive number of factors (for example multi-postponing on various games or competitions).