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If a student did not get the expected flying colours in his engineering exam, his dream of becoming a computer engineer is not yet shattered. One ray of hope is still left. MCA or Masters of Computer Application is a course designed to make you a computer technician. In this course you study computer languages, programming of various computer languages, mathematics, data structure, various applications of windows and other operating systems, computer organisation and architecture, advanced software, engineering, designing of programs and software and their algorithms, advance computer graphics, internet programming, web designing, e – commerce etc.

MCA programs in India

Computer industry is an ever evolving industry. We are living in completely digital world, with technology becoming part and parcel of our daily lives. So demands of computer technicians have been created in all most all the industries. It is no more limited to IT sector.

Best MCA Colleges In Dehradun Looking at this, many universities in India are offering the course of computer application. Some of the best MCA colleges in South India are from both private sector and government organisations.

MCA programs in South India

In past few decades, importance of education has immensely increased in South India. Cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vishakhapatnam, Cochin, Mangalore etc. has emerged as educational hubs of south India.

With development of industrial sector and establishment of large IT parks in the cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, lot of jobs have been created for computer technicians. Best MCA college in India provides a valuable degree with vast knowledge of computer application. They give you ample practical experiences to apply the concepts learned in theory. Holistic approach of these colleges provides a positive environment for the students and encourages them to create new software.

Distance Learning

Practical knowledge of computers is much more important and valuable than theoretical knowledge. By working in a company while pursuing the course is beneficial for the students. But a full time MCA course does not leave much time with the students. Correspondence course or distance education can be a good option for such students. Many open Universities conduct correspondence MCA course. Duration of these courses can be longer than the regular course but it is worth the effort.


Students who are graduates in BCA or any other equivalent degree are eligible for admission in MCA. Many colleges conduct their private exams while there are many state or national level entrance exams for many Universities.

Job Opportunity

Call centres, BPO’s, E Banking, E commerce, super markets, shopping malls etc. needs computer technicians to smoothly run their daily chores of activities. With mobile technology becoming highly advanced, creating new software and application for making life of the consumers comfortable has become demand of the time.

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