50 Reasons Why a Online Booking System Could Benefit Your Business

Below are 50 reasons why a online booking system could be of great benefit to your business.

1) Take bookings 24 hours a day

2)Increase Sales

3) No Double Bookings

4)Save time and money

5)Allow staff to view the booking system at the same time from different locations

6)Simple to use allowing anyone to use the system

7)Get Paid Faster

9)No hardware needed

10) Sell extras with when you’re customers make bookings

11) Reach a wider audience ( Actually anyone who has access to the internet )

12) Customers can book their friends at the same time

13) Simple to add to your existing website

14) Cut down on phone support time.

15) Allow customers to buy and use gift vouchers online

16) Customers can book out of hours

17) Each customer who joins is added to the customer database. Perfect for reselling in the future.

18)Registrants receive an immediate automated confirmation via the web and via email, with detail on pricing, events signed up for, and how to make changes. This eliminates the need to print and mail paper receipts.

19) System is integrated into your current web design.

20) Automated reminders can reduce no-shows as well

21)Email marketing allows for reduced production, printing and postage costs

22) Customers can book re-occuring bookings in 1 click

23) Low cost to setup

24) Customer can cancel online

25) Customers can book from another country

26) View bookings for multiple venues from one place.

27) View reports on what you’re customers are booking. Whats popular and whats not.

28) See what days customers are booking for? Run promotions on slow days.

29) Allow customers to book in online.

30) Data is backed up daily.

31) Customers can book on their phone

32) Its commission free

33) Multilingual – Allow your guests to book with you in their own language.

34)Multi-currency – Guests view rates and payments in their own currency when reserving.

35)Multiple payment methods

36)Promote Hot Deals For Last Minute Sales

37)Easy to Use: No technical skills or expertise are required – all it takes is a PC with Internet access. scheduling system

38)Booking System Built to you’re specification

39)Real time availability

40) Sutiable for any type of business or company that sell any type of bookings.

41) Day Bookings – 1 Day bookings

42)Multi Day Bookings – Holidays / Short Breaks

43) Multiple Time Bookings – 8am 9am 10am 11am etc

44) Reminders and Confirmations via SMS

45) Add you’re own terms and conditions

46) Print off booking sheets

47) Add multiple staff and set which permission they have.

48) View customer history

49) Daily / Weekly / Monthly calendar view

50) Allow customers to make bookings without joining. ( Increasing conversions )

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